Fong is dead, a star is born ...

Fong is dead, an Star is born ...
I'm far away in France, but since I know Fong, I love him.
His transmission was brief but deeper than I can imagine.
Lately, as I mourned his decline, inconsolable to have to live without his presence on this Earth, he came to see me in thought.
I said to him, "What will I become without you? "
He answered me :
- "For you, I was a guardian, an ideal father, I embodied the sacred masculine.In joining the other world, you think that I leave this place empty, you feel alone, disoriented, and that's why you cry. Know that I accepted this place, for you and also for others but going to a different light than that of the Earth, I To all, I trust because you are now ready to live without me. I know it and I'm not afraid for you. The place I leave in your heart, I offer it to you. I have occupied it for a while but it is now full of grace, trust and peace. Men and women, you have become the guardians and you will sow the seeds in your hearts that will open before your kindness. Do not worry because the sadness will subside quickly, you have so much not to do (Wu Ji Chi Kong), to let you be guided by the current of life ... "
After this meeting, I calmed down and when, in meditation, I came near him, to hold his hand as others did, I felt his hot presence seep into my throat and into my heart, my plexus. Then infused a great peace in all my being and at the same time I became aware that infused in me more than a soft and comforting warmth but a whole legacy, its inheritance.
If I, who has not frequented it, I felt it, I am sure that we have all received this inheritance and that, in the box of our hearts, it is waiting to reveal itself. We are all a fertile land and Fong has sown his wealth in all of us, all we have to do is cultivate it and make it fruitful. In his excellence at the push of the hands, even the disease could not find support, it became fluid, a being of light ... We remain "Together for peace", and become like him, beings of light ...
Thank you Fong and have a good trip to the land of the stars.

Sept 2019 by Saline

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