Doctor Luo

luo Luo, a 100-year-old physician from Sichuan, has been working with the people.
Thanks to his professional capacity and his formulas of plants transmitted from father to son in his family, he had a large clientele. But he cared for sick people who lacked money and offered them food and shelter.
He often loosen the purse strings to help the peasants in embarrassment.
One year, the mountains took away his shop and his fortune.
In spite of his misfortune, he received a patient who was completely helpless, having lost his house in a fire.
He gave him the last three pieces of money he had in his pocket.
Another year, in the middle of winter, Luo met a patient wearing only two light jackets. He took off his own hoodie and offered it to him. Very often, he pays the rent of his patients from other regions, at the risk of restricting his own lifestyle.
His meals were frugal and his habits made of coarse stuffs. On him gave the nickname "Luo the good".