Boxing Spirit

sims People in this world are possessed by many things. Some are possessed by money, others by love, by fame, revenge, power too. But for some of us left over there should be a boxing song, a song for those possessed, like songs or poems of those going off to sea, or maybe for those who like to have a drink or two, or to the heroes of old. One with a haunting melody.

Let me be possessed by the Boxing Spirit, and as the saying goes "forsaking all others. " Allow me in this lifetime to at least escape the possessions of mediocrity.
How can this be done? Who knows? Maybe by reciting the names of past masters on the completion of one's form, maybe by practicing in all types of weather, can feng shui charms help,or remembering boxing dreams? Maybe practicing at midnight like Zhang San Feng.
Can we be helped by the dead, some of whom are more alive than us here in the flesh?

Perhaps if the Boxing Spirit has entered any of us, we can compose or even become a living breathing boxing song in the flesh.
Jou Tsung Hwa once stated that his influences were Daoist philosophy and the Taiji classics. Let me relate a story about one of the authors of the Taiji classics, Wu Yu Xiang nicknamed "Clear River" and Yang Lu Chan's son Yang Ban- hou translated from Chinese by Charles Wang.
Although Wu had learned Chen style from Yang Luchan, because of his extremely profound level of comprehension, he enjoyed a deep trust from Yang.
The latter sent his own son Yang Ban-hou, to study with Yu-Xiang.
As a result, the younger Yang learned more of his martial arts from his father's friend. One time, Wu Yu Xiang was staying in Tian-you County, and Ban-hou was returning from Du-zhong.
On seeing his teacher, Yang waved at Wu from far away as he was approaching the City Gate. Wu wondered out loud how much progress his student had been making, and exhorted the latter to prepare himself for a mock attack. On that note, Wu adopted the offensive posture and Yang the defensive one. However, Wu was not satisfied with Yang's stance.
The same routine was repeated 3 times, with Wu voicing dissatisfaction every time. Ban-you felt quite puzzled. Hence Wu offered to take him to his house to prove his point.
At home, the two sparred, and 3 times Yang launched his attacks, and 3 times was himself thrown to the ground. Yu-Xiang then proceeded to explain the reasons why Yang was defeated. The latter was impressed beyond words.
At this time Yang's command of martial arts was already quite high. Having a somewhat explosive and arrogant personality, he was not in the habit of bowing his head to anyone easily. However, for his teacher Yu-Xiang he had always reserved his highest respect.

by Alan Sims